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Permanent Home for Your Business

GreenVine is a prominent holding company that acquires and operates a distinguished group of companies. When it comes to selling your business, we understand that it is a momentous decision. Owners and founders of businesses place their trust in GreenVine to assist them in achieving their long-term goals and preserving their legacy. Our unwavering commitment lies in acquiring and holding businesses indefinitely while empowering management teams with a proven playbook for growth.

We have a successful track record in guiding companies through their next phase of growth. Our ultimate mission is to become the premier destination for businesses and their leaders. This entails empowering employees and viewing each deal as a unique opportunity to collaborate with owners, providing unwavering support to foster perpetual growth.

Our commitment extends to specific industries, and all GreenVine companies gain access to our shared resources and knowledgebase, which connects our employees and leaders throughout the entire portfolio. By fostering connections between team members across different companies, we believe that everyone can learn and grow collectively.

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Our Mission Is to Empower


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Avg. Yearly Growth Rate in our companies 

Our philosophy revolves around enabling our companies to thrive independently while providing support whenever necessary, fostering sustainable and long-term growth.

Our track record of success across diverse industries highlights the synergy and additional value our companies gain by being part of a larger group with ambitious goals and targets.

We are dedicated to the ongoing development of our portfolio companies. With this commitment, we are confident in our ability to maintain impressive and sustainable growth well into the future.

Our Core Values

Guided by Values, Driven by Purpose


Upholding unwavering honesty and ethical principles in all our actions.


Taking full ownership of our responsibilities and delivering on our commitments.


Continuously pursuing growth and expertise to drive informed decision-making and innovation.


Embracing open communication and clarity to foster trust and build strong relationships.


Fueling our work with enthusiasm, drive, and a deep love for what we do.

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